Ready to go!

The first part of my big adventure has begun: I’m currently in Torshavn, Faroe Islands.

The journey to the ferry was good and I was on time despite the fact that I got very very lost, when I attempted to walk to the ferry from the train station in Hirtshals… Next time, I’ll just take the bus! But thankfully, a lovely local couple offered to drive me to the ferry and the man even carried my rucksack some of the way. I’m usually not very good at asking for and accepting help, but I’ve realized that travelling alone successfully is next to impossible without the help from others. In two days, I’ve already experienced so much kindness from people who didn’t know me before, and I’m overwhelmed and really grateful for all the help that I’ve received.

The check-in at the ferry was quick and easy and then I was off to the ferry and my cabin – room 6317. Finding internet connection was the hard part! The connection from my phone was slow and the free Wi-Fi at the terminal didn’t work, but I managed anyway! I always do, somehow.

The cabin was small, but nice and the bed was comfortable. And the best thing about it – I didn’t have to make my bed! I even got a towel, so I didn’t have to use mine for the first two days – bonus!!

In all this rush, I totally forgot to eat, so it was lovely to just relax in the cabin and enjoy some gourmet crispbread with pizza-taste while waiting for my roommates to show up.

On Nörrona – the ferry

I later met my two roommates, Ildi from Hungary and Elien from Belgium. Both are travelling with Australian guys – Ildi with her friend Steve and Elien with her boyfriend Liam. They were all so nice and easy to talk to! I had a great time with them on the ferry and we have arranged to meet up again here in the Faroes.

Yesterday at 4 PM, we sailed by the Shetland Islands, but unfortunately the sunny weather changed and it rained so hard, but I still managed to snap a picture of the islands.

The Shetland Islands

When the ferry arrived in Torshavn at 5 AM local time today, we drove to the biggest shopping centre in Torshavn, SMS, and waited for it to open at 9 AM, so we could buy some food and water before heading on to our next destination.
Elien and Liam took me to my hostel, Hostel Kerjalon, which is situated just outside Torshavn, and then they went on to Skála, where they’re staying with a family and dropped Ildi and Steve off somewhere on Eysturoy.
I’m staying at the hostel for the next two days, where I plan to go sightseeing in Torshavn and take a trip to Kirkjubøur. On Wednesday, I’ll be joining Ildi and Steve in their travels on Eysturoy and this is when my real backpacking experience will begin!

Arriving in beautiful Tórshavn

I expect that I’ll have limited internet access, while I’m backpacking through Faroe Islands, but I’ll try to update the blog whenever possible.

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