On the ferry from Hirtshals to Tórshavn, Elien, Liam, Steve, Ildi and I met a nice Faroese man named Hanus, who offered to be our guide and arrange a trip for us on Saturday the 14th. He decided to take us for a 2-hour hike up a mountain, which offered an amazing view of the islands Kalsoy, Bordoy and Kunoy and afterwards to Varmakelda, the only warm spring in Faroe Islands.

View from the beginning of the hike – Mountains in Leirvík and Eliens and Liams mobile home
Ildi, Steve, Elien and Liam.

I really love hiking, especially going up the mountain, but coming down is always a problem for me. I’m not at all afraid of heights – I love heights, but I don’t trust myself and I feel like I could slip at any time, so I would basically crawl down the mountain if I was on my own. Thankfully, Hanus was there to help me and hold me, so I didn’t fall and break my legs!
When I was in Iceland with my mum in 2013, we hiked up to a waterfall in Seydisfjordur and on the way down, I crawled half the way, which resulted in losing my phone and glove out of my pocket, so we had to go up the mountain again…
But this time, all of my stuff – and myself – got safely down from the mountain with the help of Hanus!

The view from the top
At the top

Once at the top of the mountain, we stopped for a while to just enjoy the beautiful view, take pictures and eat our lunch. We walked around the mountain for a bit and on the way down, we stopped at a small house, which Hanus said was 200-400 years old. In this house, I found a – what seemed to be – very old fork and I’m currently trying to figure out how old it is, what it was used for and by who. I love old things like this and I feel like I’ve found a real treasure, haha!
After climbing back down the mountain, we headed to our next stop – Varmakelda.
Varmakelda is a warm spring south of Fuglafjørður, which is believed to have healing qualities. The temperature of the water is 18°C, which makes it the warmest spring in Faroe Islands. It’s a very small spring and doesn’t look significant in any way, but the story of it makes it a special place to visit.

The old house
The fork
Hanus touching the warm water at Varmakelda

After spending some time at Varmakelda, we said goodbye to Hanus, who had to go back to work, and then headed to Klaksvik, the second largest city in Faroe Islands, which is situated on the island of Borðoy. In a school in Klaksvik, Rigmor and Jens had a stall at a flea market, where all sorts of old, new and homemade things were being sold. It was especially interesting to see all the Faroese knittings and I’ve decided that I want to buy a real Faroese knit jumper before I leave Faroe Islands.

An interesting statue in Klaksvik

By the end of our stroll through the flea market, the time was 4 PM, so we still had time to do some sightseeing, before going back to the flea market to help clear Rigmor and Jens’ stall.
We decided to explore Norðoyggjar (the North islands) and first went to the island of Kunoy, where we saw loads of huge waterfalls. There are only 134 people living on the island, so hiking would have been the best way to explore the island, but we still got to see some magnificent landscapes.
Afterwards, we headed to the north of Borðoy to the abandoned village of Múli, but unfortunately, the roads were too small for Eliens and Liams mobile home, so we couldn’t reach it.
Nonetheless, we still got to see so much of Faroe Islands in one day and after clearing the stall at the flea market, Jens and Rigmor treated us all to a lovely dinner at a bowling restaurant in Leirvík, which was so lovely of them to do!

View of Kalsoy from Kunoy
A beautiful waterfall on Kunoy

I’m almost up to date with my blogging now, after having some days without a working computer. I experience so much all the time that it’s difficult to find time to blog about everything, but I’m doing my best to keep up with it!
Since Saturday, I have moved to Tórshavn and seen the city from new perspectives, met a great new friend and been for a drive to Gjógv and Eiði, but more about that in my next blog post!
Later today, I’m heading to Saksun, where the couple that I’m staying with own a summer house, which they have let me borrow. I’ve invited Elien, Liam, Ildi and Steve to join me, so I’m looking forward to some nice moments with them – and hopefully some hiking in the mountains!

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