Saksun is often called ‘the most beautiful place in Faroe Islands’ – and that is not without reason!
Ása and Erling have a quaint little summer house in Saksun, which they allowed me to borrow for a night. I decided to invite Elien, Liam, Ildi and Steve for some cozy times and it was really nice to spend so much time with them! I’ll definitely miss them, when we go our seperate ways. Erling drove me there in the morning and got the house ready for the others, who arrived an hour later.
Stepping into the house was like stepping into the past. The house was built in 1869 and the inside looks like it has not changed since then. It looks exactly like a museum and several people actually came and had a look at the house and were surprised to see people staying there, haha!
The others loved the house as well and I felt so blessed for being able to stay in such an old and beautiful house.

The house
The inside of the house

After eating lunch in the house, Erling took us all on a long walk through the sandy, low water area of Saksun out to the Atlantic Ocean, and even though we all got really wet while walking through the water, it was really worth it, as the view of the ocean coming in surrounded by mountains was a breathtaking sight.
On the way back, the tide had turned, so the water was up high and we couldn’t walk the same way back to the house. Instead, we tried crossing the river and then climbing a mountain to get to the house, but that was almost impossible. While Steve managed to cross the river, everyone else walked along the road around the mountain and back to Saksun.
What should have been just a short walk in Saksun became a long and challenging one, which didn’t matter though, as we all love challenges and we made it in the end. In the evening, we stayed up until 4 AM; playing cards, drinking beer and just having a great time with each other.

Surrounded by high mountains, Saksun’s pure beauty is truly postcard-worthy. It’s definitely a place that I want to come back to and I will recommend it to anyone visiting Faroe Islands!

Beautiful Saksun
The group of five: Steve, Ildi, Elien, me and Liam
The end of the low water area

Tomorrow the day has finally come – the day of the solar eclipse! Regin and I are seeing it together, but we aren’t sure where yet. We’ll find out where the best spot is in the morning and then drive there and watch it – and hopefully get some great pictures!

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