I have already been on Faroe Islands for two weeks and it’s sad to think that my time here has almost come to an end. I’ve experienced so much already and made some great friends. I’ve spent most of my time here touring Streymoy and Eysturoy, the two biggest islands on Faroe Islands, so I’ve decided that for my last week, I would concentrate on the other, smaller islands that I haven’t yet seen.
I spent the weekend partying in Tórshavn with Regin. On Friday, I picked him and his very very drunk friends up in Leírvik and drove them to Tórshavn, where we were supposed to go out, but it was very late when we got home and we were tired, so we decided to go out Saturday instead. Regin was invited to his dad’s 45th birthday party and I went with him and had such a great time, despite being the only female at the party. It’s a tradition to sing loads of songs at a birthday party in Faroe Islands, so I tried my best (but failed, according to Regin) to sing along to the Faroese songs :’D
After the party, we went to clubs in Tórshavn and got a bit too drunk and sang karaoke all night, haha.

Regin and I

After partying all weekend, I really wanted to do some sightseeing yesterday. I decided to go on a 4-hour trip to Sandoy; the flattest and most sandy (hence the name) island on Faroe Islands.
I borrowed Regins car, while he was at work, which made the trip more expensive (160 for the ticket + fuel), but I got to see all the 6 villages on Sandoy, so it was definitely worth it. Having a car also gives you the freedom to stop and take photos wherever you like, which I definitely took advantage of.

View from a small road
Tripod-selfie on a road near Skopun

Sandoy is known as the flattest island in Faroe Islands, but it’s really not that flat, when you compare it to Denmark! The highest mountain is 479 m., so it’s not that flat. And it’s a very beautiful place indeed.
On the ferry, which was a 30 minute ride from Gamlarætt near Tórshavn, I met a nice Faroese guy from Sandoy, who helped me find the tourist office once we arrived on Sandoy. I wanted to find my way to all the villages, so it was nice having the help of a local.
I started the trip in Skopun, where the ferry docked. Just like all the other villages on Sandoy, Skopun is small, beautifully situated with great views and a lovely little church.

The harbour in Skopun

I then went on to Sandur and Skarvanes, which was my favourite village by far. It’s extremely small and remote, but the views from the village are simply breathtaking. Getting there is the hard part though. The road is very small and not-so-brilliant, but in my opinion, it’s still worth it to take the trip to Skarvanes.

Skarvanes with Stora Dimun in the background
View of Skúvoy near Skarvanes

I then went on to Skálavik and Husavik, where I picked up a Polish hitchhiker, who was on his way to Dalur; the next and last village on my list. He – as myself – is travelling alone to see the solar eclipse and the islands, sleeping in a tent and basically or hitchhiking everywhere. It was nice to talk to someone, who is in the same boat as me, even though I am not living in a nice place in Tórshavn, which I very much prefer at the moment.
Once in Dalur, I hiked up to a beautiful waterfall, which offered a stunning view of the small village.
The houses in the villages of Skálavik, Husavik and Dalur very much look like summer houses to me, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Faroese people come to this sandy island to spend their summer holiday. Husavik also had a nice beach, so it would be the perfect spot for a summer holiday.

The beach in Husavik
View of Dalur and the waterfall
Selfie at the waterfall

Throughout my journey on Sandoy, I had a great view of the neighboring islands; Vágar, Streymoy, Koltur and Hestur in the north and Skúvoy, Stora Dimun and Litla Dimun in the south.
Just like every other place I have visited on Faroe Islands, I can recommend taking a trip to Sandoy, as it’s very beautiful and different from the other islands. Despite being an expensive trip, I really enjoyed it and would visit Sandoy again at any time.

View of Hestur and Koltur near Skopun
Hugging all of Faroe Islands

I’m hoping to do little day trips like this one for the rest of the week. It’s nice having some time on my own to see the things I want to see and then get home to Ása, Erling and Regin and spend some time with them.
Today has been a lazy day with just a trip to downtown Tórshavn and helping Regin clear out his old apartment.
I’m hoping to visit the islands Fugloy, Svinoy, Vágar and Suduroy later in the week, before heading off to Iceland on Monday.

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