Ever since my trip to Sandoy, I’ve been eager to see more of the outer regions of Faroe Islands. Originally, I had planned on visiting Vágar, Fugloy, Svinoy and Suðuroy, but I only visited one of these places – Vágar.
Elien and Liam had to leave Faroe Islands on Thursday, so Wednesday I thought I would go to Rigmors and Jens’ place to pick them up after dropping off Regin at his workplace. I borrowed Regins car for the day and invited Elien, Liam, Ildi and Steve to join me on a trip to Vágar.
Straight away, after passing through Vágartunnelen to Vágar, the beautiful scenery stunned me once again. I swear that every place you go on Faroe Islands has different nature and scenery – and breathtaking viewpoints are easy to find anywhere on the islands. Vágar is flatter than most of the other islands, but has a more varied landscape with low plains, tall mountains and hills amongst the many lakes and waterfalls.
The main sight of the day was the waterfall in Gásadalur, famous for its beauty. A professional photograph of this exact waterfall is one of the most used photos in travel books about Faroe Islands.
The ride through Vágar also offered a great view of several small islands and the bigger island of Mykines.

View of the small islands from Vágar
View of Mykines from Vágar
The famous waterfall at Gásadalur

I had to be back in Skála at 4 PM to pick Regin up, but we still had about 2 hours left to explore another place. We decided to go to Streymoy and went for a drive to the villages Haldarsvík and Tjørnuvík. Haldarsvík has the only octagonal church on Faroe Islands and since I absolutely love churches, I had to stop for some pictures of this beauty.

Tjørnuvík is a quaint little village with a great view of the two giants Risin and Kellingin, which I saw from another view, when Regin and I went to Eiði on March 17th. Tjørnuvík and Saksun are similar in the beauty of the places, the coziness of the small houses with grass roofs and the views that both places offer. It’s no wonder that these two places are popular summer destinations for the Faroese people.

The church in Haldarsvík
View of Risin and Kellingin from Tjørnuvík

Later that evening, Rigmor and Jens held a farewell party for Elien and Liam and invited us all. We had a great time with Faroese food, Faroese beer, lots of talking and good music. It was really nice to be together all of us once more and it was such a nice thing of Rigmor and Jens to do. It’s funny to think that the four people that I met on the ferry have become such great friends of mine and we have seen so much of Faroe Islands together. I’m very happy that I decided to join them rather than travel the islands by myself.
The next day, after Regin had gone to work, I decided to go for a drive myself, since the others were heading to Tórshavn later that day.
I drove for about three hours in the Runavik-area and came across the – in my opinion – most beautiful place in Faroe Islands: Toftavatn. It’s a rather flat area with mountains surrounding it and in the centre are two enormous lakes and a walking path going across the area. I was very surprised to come across this area, as I only happened to find it by mistake, but I was even more surprised of the fact that I hadn’t ever heard of it before.
In my opinion, this place should be on the top of the list of nature sights in Faroe Islands. It had such a serene landscape and peaceful atmosphere and I am sure that I’ll visit this place many times in the future. But next time, I want to have more time to explore bigger parts of the area.

The area surrounding Toftavatn
Selfie at my favourite place in Faroe Islands

In the evening, Regin took me on a motercycle ride around Tórshavn and then to Velbastaður, where we saw a beautiful sunset. If I had to choose a place to live in Faroe Islands, this would be it. The place has the most beautiful view of Sandoy, Hestur and Koltur, is close to Tórshavn and I would get to see the sunset every evening. Hopefully, I’ll own a house here someday 😉
Afterwards, Regin took me to the ferry, where we said goodbye to Elien and Liam before they headed towards Denmark again.

Beautiful sunset over Koltur
Motorcycle selfie

Friday was my last day of exploring in Faroe Islands. Since Elien and Liam had now gone home, Regin was working and Ildi was on a date, I invited Steve to join me on a trip to Kalsoy, an island in the north that can only be reached by ferry – a ferry that only sails two-three times a day.
Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it to the ferry, so we decided to change our plans and go to Viðoy instead. On the way to Viðoy, we drove to the abandoned village Múli on Borðoy. By the time we reached the small village, the weather had changed and it started raining, so we didn’t get to see as much of the village as I would’ve liked.
We then drove to Viðoy, where we both really wanted to do a hike, but unfortunately, the hike that would take us to Enniberg, the northernmost point of Viðoy was too long and too dangerous to do without a local guide, according to a local woman. Instead, we drove round Viðoy for a bit, and then went back to Eysturoy, where we drove around Fuglafjørdur and Elduvík, before heading back to Skála.
Despite the weather being too bad for hiking and sightseeing, we still got to see a lot of the northern islands from the car and still managed to snap some great photos of the beautiful sceneries.

Driving on Viðoy – and a small rainbow!
View of the islands Fugloy and Svinoy from Viðoy
On Viðoy

The weekend has been spent getting ready for my departure, relaxing and having fun with Regin and Hjalti.
I’m almost ready to leave, although I know I’ll hate it tomorrow, since I’ve had such a great time here and I know that I’ll miss it terribly. But I’m looking forward to new adventures on Iceland and my parents are coming over for four days, which I’m very excited for.

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