2 months, 62 days, 1488 hours, 89280 minutes, 5356800 seconds. This is the amount of time that I travelled for. It’s the longest I’ve ever travelled, ever been away from home and ever had to stand on my own legs.
It was a very spontaneous decision that made me go. Made me take a chance that I would never regret. To begin with, I was excited and I felt ready – ready to be completely on my own, experience the world in my own pace and be away from everything I knew for two months straight. When it got closer to my departure date, I got scared. Scared that things wouldn’t turn out well, that I’d get hurt, lost and most of all, scared that I’d feel lonely. But I didn’t. For two months, I managed to not get lonely or lost or hurt due to the many amazing people that I met on my way.
It was my first long journey on my own, but it’s certainly not my last. Actually, I’ve already started planning the next big journey, starting in March 2016.
Even though it’s been hard at times with limited computer-access, I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog while I was gone, and I’ve decided to continue blogging whenever I’m travelling. Even this summer, when I’m “just” going on summer holidays to Spain and England. First of all, I want to keep blogging for myself, my family and my friends, so I can always look back and remember the great times I had during my travels. Anyone who wants to, is very welcome to follow me though. I think it’s great to have readers from all over the world!

I met so many amazing people during my travels and I’m proud to say that I now have friends in Australia, Faroe Islands, Belgium, Iceland, Norway, England, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, USA and many other places around the world. I can’t thank these people enough for giving me the most fantastic experiences and taking me in when I needed it the most.

During my travels, I was really lucky to see three amazing natural phenomenons; The Total Solar Eclipse on the Faroe Islands, the Aurora Borealis in the Westfjords in Iceland and the Midnight Sun on Svalbard. My timing for these three phenomenons was impeccable and I really just got lucky, especially with the Aurora Borealis! But it was amazing nonetheless, and I can’t wait to go back to the North and experience it again. As for the Total Solar Eclipse, I didn’t get to see totality, as a huge, dark cloud covered the sky above Tórshavn during the two minutes of totality, so I’ve booked a flight to Indonesia for March 2016, where the next Total Solar Eclipse will happen. This time, I have to see it all! This will also be the beginning of my next journey!

Thank you so much for following me on my amazing journey around the North. I’ve cried, been extremely cold, been stressed, felt yucky, but most of all, I’ve had fun and managed to mostly keep a smile on my face. And most importantly, I haven’t regretted anything. It has been the best and most educational two months of my life and I would never take it back.
Actually, I’ve booked a trip to one of the destinations in August, as I simply cannot stay away: Faroe Islands, I’m coming back!


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