Yesterday, I arrived in the Faroe Islands for the third time. But for the first time, I flew into the country instead of sailing. Sailing is normally quite a lot cheaper than flying, but it also takes two days each way, where flying only takes two hours each way. I got lucky though and purchased the tickets for just 1.700 DKK.

I flew with Atlantic Airways, the national airline of Faroe Islands, in what looked like the smallest plane on Earth. I had a nice and pleasent flight with very friendly staff who even brought us all food! Unfortunately, it was sushi and bread, and while I love bread, I really dislike sushi, so I ended up giving it to my friend Regin instead. I’ve never experienced an airline that gives free food before, so that was really cool!

Flying into Faroe Islands was a cloudy yet beautiful experience. About 1 hour and 35 minutes into the flight, the captain told us that we were about to start the landing and soon we would be able to see land. There were thick clouds hanging over Faroe Islands though, so I only got a few glimpses of the islands before we got beneath the clouds. It was rather scary landing in one big cloud and it was quite bumpy at times, but nothing to worry about. The sight that met me when we finally went beneath the clouds was majestic mountains all covered in green grass, hundreds of waterfalls and small villages, which only got more beautiful the closer we got.

Hello clouds!
Faroe Islands peeping under a cloud



Almost down!
We made it! In the worlds smallest plane!

Faroe Islands has been my favourite country for as long as I can remember. In October 2013, I finally got the chance to visit the country for two days during a Viking Cruise in the North Atlantic with my mum. In March 2015, I went back on my own and stayed for three weeks. I met so many lovely people, who gave me a place to stay when my tent got ruined in a storm, cooked me meals, took me out to see the country and was my guide on a hiking trip.

Ever since I left Faroe Islands, I had been longing to come back – and now I’m finally here. I’m staying with Regin and his grandparents Asa and Erling, who I stayed with for two weeks back in March. This time, I’ll only be here for a week, but I’m very excited to see some of the lovely people that I miss and explore some more of the Worlds most beautiful country!

Finally on ground – driving to Tórshavn

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