Vestmanna is a town situated on the west of the island of Streymoy. It has a population of 1200 people and is well known for one of the most popular tourist attractions on Faroe Islands, the Vestmannabjørgini bird cliffs.

When I went to Faroe Islands in August, Regin and I went to Vestmanna – not to see the bird cliffs, I’ll have to to that some other time – but to visit a great family that I stayed with for four days back in March.

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They used to live in Skála on Eysturoy, but had recently moved to Vestmanna, so I was thrilled to visit yet another village – but even more thrilled to visit this lovely family again! Their new house in Vestmanna is situated on the side of a mountain overlooking the village and it is just so beautiful. I can definitely understand why they chose to live there!

We had a lovely dinner with the family, a couple who had rented a house from them and a guy from France, who was doing work-away with the family. Afterwards, we went for a little drive up into the mountains. I thought that I had seen the most beautiful places on Faroe Islands, but I was so wrong! Vestmannas beauty blew me away and I could’ve stayed there forever. Vestmanna now tops my list of my favourite places in Faroe Islands.

Most people come to Vestmanna to enjoy the bird cliffs, and while those are probably worth seeing, do yourself a favour and drive up into the mountains! You won’t regret it!

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Their lovely house
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The view from their house
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Faroese dinner <3
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Going up into the mountains

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4 (729)

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Going back to Vestmanna

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The beautiful village of Vestmanna

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Bye bye Vestmanna!

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