A few weeks ago, I got my work plan for September and discovered that I had quite a few days off next week. My first thought was “man, I’m going to be bored!”, but my second thought was “why should I? I’ll go explore something!”.

So mission “Lets go travelling” had started. Before I could even start dreaming about a new destination, I had to swap a few shifts to have a full week off and sell some of my precious Black Milk collection. Thanks to two awesome colleagues, I quickly got the shifts swapped, and a few days later, I had raised over 2.000 DKK from selling my clothes.

I was ready to book the tickets, but the question now was – to where? I wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere interesting and most importantly, somewhere cheap! I thought about Ireland, but the hostel prices there are ridiculous; I thought about Kaliningrad, but the Russian embassy never answered my questions about the visa; I thought about Madrid, but the flights were too expensive.

Then I thought; Why not go to Poland? It’s close to Denmark, and therefore have cheap direct flights; The country is full of interesting culture and history; And it’s so very cheap to stay there! I found the cheapest flights ever for just 276 DKK from Billund in Denmark to Gdansk and 92 DKK from Gdansk to Malmø in Sweden, a short bus ride from Copenhagen. I’m actually staying in Copenhagen for the following weekend with a friend, which makes it even more perfect!

I booked the flights and it was settled – I’m going to explore Poland! My next move was to buy a book about the country and figure out what I would do and see during the seven days that I have available. I decided on exploring four of the main cities; Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan. I’ll be staying in Krakow for three days and plan on visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, which is the thing I’m looking forward to the most!

I feel very happy about my decision to choose Poland and I’m excited to see how well I can cope on a VERY tight budget! I’m only allowed a small backpack and my camera bag on the plane, as I would have to pay to even take handluggage, so that will be quite a challenge. I’m also looking forward to seeing how fuzzy me can cope with the Polish cuisine 😉

This is actually my most spontaneous trip to date and just a week after the tickets were booked, I’m off! See you in Poland!


5 thoughts on “Got a Few Days off Work? Why not Go Travelling!?”

    1. I considered Wroclaw, but since I only had time for either Poznan or Wroclaw, I chose Poznan since I’ve written a school report about the city once lol – I’ll visit Wroclaw next time!! 😀

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