Just over two hours ago, my friend Laura and I woke up and went outside to see the Total Lunar Eclipse. Ever since experiencing my first Total Solar Eclipse on Faroe Islands earlier this year, I’ve been fascinated by eclipses and therefore, I had to get up and see this one! A Lunar Eclipse is not as rare as a Solar Eclipse, but it is beautiful nonetheless. And definitely not something that you can experience everyday!

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So tonight, as the Sun, Earth and Moon aligned, we watched as the Earth’s shadow blocked the sun from hitting the Moon’s surface and eventually made it darker and darker. Throughout, it was possible to see the shape of the moon, but the ordinary colour disappeared slowly, just like a Solar Eclipse. Towards the totality stage, the moon turned red because of the dust and pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere. Tonight, there was a series of lucky events and on top of the eclipse and the Blood Moon, the moon was also a Super Moon, which means that it was 13 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual.

This made it a super special thing to see and actually made the eclipse rather rare. Apparently, a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse has only happened five times since 1900 and the next one isn’t until 2033, so it was definitely worth going out there to see it tonight!

Laura and I went outside at 3.40 AM and watched the partial eclipse and then saw the full eclipse and the Blood Moon at 4.11 AM.

Unforunately, I hadn’t brought my 300 mm. lens with me to Copenhagen, so I had to settle with my 200 mm. one, and I had a few problems with getting the settings right, but since I’m nowhere near a professional photographer, I’m quite happy with the results! Of course pictures could never do it justice and amazing events like these just have to be seen with you own eyes!

Here are my pictures from tonight’s event:

The Super Moon over Copenhagen at 8 PM
Untitled 3
The partial eclipse
Untitled 2
It’s getting smaller!
Untitled 5
Almost at totality!
Untitled 4
The full eclipse & Blood Moon

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