In 4 years, 5 months, 2 weeks and 2 days, I’ll be turning 25, but before that I have some goals that I would love to achieve! I have a full list of lifetime goals on the Travel Goals page, but there are some places and things that I just need to see and do in the near future – and I have decided to set 25 of them as a goal for before I turn 25.

1. Travel  to Greenland

Greenland is the last country in Northern Europe for me to visit and it has always been a big dream of mine to go there. I’ve travelled to Svalbard and had the Arctic experience, but Greenland is different and there is so much to see! I would love to spend several months there, preferably during winter time, so I can experience the Northern Lights again and see the Polar Night!


2. See Antarctica

From one pole to another, being a lover of the extremes, I just can’t miss Antarctica. Antarctica is beyond extreme. Wild, crazy and beautiful. This continent is calling my name and within four years, I’ll make it mine.


3. Travel through South America

After achieving the goal of visiting Antarctica (and after visiting Australia in just 20 days!), South America will be the last continent left for me to explore in order to achieve another goal of mine – to visit all seven continents on Earth. There is a lot to see in South America, so I’m thinking that 4-6 months will be necessary in order to see every country in one trip. I don’t know when I’ll have time to do this, but now that it’s a goal of mine, I’ll just have to find the time!


4. Climb a mountain taller than 3.000 m (Mount Kinabalu, March 19th/20th 2016)

I am absolutely crazy about hiking, I could do it everyday if there were any mountains in Denmark, but the highest mountain that I’ve ever climbed was Sarkofagen Mountain on Svalbard at 500 m. I’m hoping to achieve this goal on Borneo in March 2016, where the plan is to hike to the top of Mount Kinabalu at 4.095 m.


5. Travel to Tristan da Cunha

This has got to be the most difficult goal to achieve! There are only a few guesthouses on the small island and it takes 5-6 days to get there from South Africa. Good luck to me, but I’ve always wanted to visit the World’s most remote island – so Tristan da Cunha, watch out! I’m on my way!


6. Visit all European countries

I’ve already visited 28 countries in Europe, so I’ve only got 30 to go! I have a goal of visiting every country on Earth (country collector alert!), so visiting the rest of Europe in the near future is crucial if I want to make it before it’s too late. I value quality over quantity though, so I won’t just be going in and out quickly to tick the countries off, I promise!


7. Visit all European capitals

While I’m definitely a country collector, I’m also very much a capital collector. I especially love European capitals, there is something very special about each and everyone of them! I’ve only visited 22 out of 58 so far, so there’s a long way to go, but I’ll get there someday – before 2020!


8. Go on a safari in Africa

Large animals, wide plains and exotic trees – what’s not to like? I haven’t met one person who didn’t dream of a luxury safari in Africa, and I’m not the one either!


9. See totality of a Total Solar Eclipse (Pulau Belitung, Indonesia – March 9th 2016)

I was supposed to see my first Total Solar Eclipse on Faroe Islands in March 2015, but since a cloud got in the way just a few seconds before totality, I missed the magic moment. It was still amazing to see day turn into night and to view the partial eclipse, but I really want to see the totality stage, so I have decided to try my luck in Indonesia in March 2016. So, Indonesian clouds, do not let me down! Otherwise, it’s hello USA in August 2017!


10. Travel to North Korea

What’s more interesting than a completely closed country? I can’t imagine anywhere more interesting than North Korea! Although visitors have to have a guide with them all the time and have absolutely zero freedom, I’m sure that I would find it very interesting to see the country and make up my own mind about it.


11. Visit all the islands on Faroe Islands

I absolutely love Faroe Islands! I can’t say it enough! But despite having visited the islands three times already, I’ve only seen 10 out of 18 islands, and I’ve fallen more in love with the place for each new island that I’ve visited. So I’ve made it a goal to see all of the islands in order to see absolutely everything that the stunning Faroe Islands have to offer!


12. Go to a Black Milk party in Australia (Brisbane – December 5th 2015)

If everything goes as planned, this goal should be completed by December 5th this year! I’m going to Australia, mainly to see the country, but also to go to Black Milks birthday party, which will be a big event for Black Milk followers! It will take place in Brisbane on December 5th – yay!


13. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef (Whitsunday Islands – November 25th 2015)

Another goal of mine for when I visit Australia next month! I love coral reefs, but have only snorkelled once in Thailand for 20 minutes or something like that. I’m not that much of a water person, so scuba diving will have to wait. As long as I get to see some beautiful fish, I’m more than happy!


14. Drive the entire length of Route 66 (August 11th-22nd 2017)

I’ve always been fascinated by the old way of life in USA – and what better way to experience it than to drive the length of the legendary Route 66? This is definitely the roadtrip of my dreams and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I’m hoping to achieve the goal in the Summer of 2017, when I’ll be heading over to the States to view the Total Solar Eclipse!


15. Stay with an Amish family

The Amish way of life is something that has always been very interesting to me; how people can live without electricity in the 21st century. I think that people who manage to do this are fascinating and I want to try the lifestyle for myself.


16. Fly in a hot air balloon

How cool would it be to fly above some beautiful city or a mountain range in a hot air balloon? This is definitely something that I need to do!


17. Visit my sponsor child in Benin

For two years, I’ve been supporting a little boy named Policape from Benin through Børnefonden. Through letters and pictures, I’ve gotten to know him and his family and I feel like it would be the right time to visit him in the next few years. I can’t wait to meet Policape in person, he’s such a strong and brave boy. He’s only seven, but has already been through things that no child should ever have to go through. I’m so happy with the decision I made two years ago and now I want to see his progress for myself!


18. See Chernobyl and its ghost towns

The tragedy that hit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine on April 26th 1986, when an explosion and fire released enormous amounts of radioactive particles into the atmosphere and made the surrounding towns into ghost towns, has been of great interest to me for as long as I can remember. This is a place that needs to be seen in order to really understand the consequences of the nuclear disaster.


19. Walk the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route that leads to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. I want to join in on the fun and become a more spiritual person! Can I walk across Spain? Yes I can!


20. Go interrailing in Eastern Europe

A lifelong dream of mine! I love trains and I’m fascinated by Eastern Europe, so why not combine the two? It will definitely also help towards my European countries and capitals count.


21. See orangutans in Borneo (Shangri-La Resort, Malaysia – March 21st 2016)

This is a goal that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, as I have booked my flights for Borneo in March 2016. The tricky thing is finding the orangutans though! I’ve always loved these little creatures and now I want to see them and hug them!


22. Ride the Trans-Mongolian train

Another lifelong dream of mine! Ever since hearing about it for the first time, I’ve been dying to go and experience the World’s most beautiful train ride. Hopefully next year will be it! I’m travelling from South Korea to China, where I’ll spend a few weeks before jumping on the train to Mongolia and Russia!


23. Explore Pompeji

Being a history nerd – and a lover of Latin -, the ancient Roman city of Pompeji that was buried in ash and pumice following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is a place that I cannot skip! I have seen so many films about the town, read countless books and now seeing it with my own eyes seems like the only right thing to do.


24. Bike the entire length of a European river

This was a crazy idea that I got while travelling in Poland last month. After visiting Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow and realizing that they all share the same river – Wisła – I thought about how cool it would be to bike the entire length of a river! And how many awesome places there would be to explore on the way. I might not choose Wisła though, as I’ve already seen the three main cities on the route, but I’ll definitely be biking the length of another European river in the near future!


25. Spend New Years Eve in another country (Dublin, Ireland – 2015/16)

I love a good party – and New Years is the perfect time to party and to experience the nightlife of another city! I’ve always celebrated New Years in Denmark, but now I feel like I need to try something different! Maybe it’ll be London, Dublin or even New York! And maybe I’ll even try to achieve this goal this year!


So these were my 25 goals to achieve before I turn 25. Wish me luck, because I’ll most definitely need it! A goal is a goal, and if I don’t achieve them all, I will be disappointed, so I’ll be working hard to make sure that every one of those goals will be completed within the next 4½ years! I’ll update the post once a goal has been completed!

5 thoughts on “25 Travel Goals Before 25”

  1. Melissa, i am very impressed with your super cool list of goals! You are so young and so decisive, I really wish you huge good luck! Your goals are very exciting…and if you visit Ukraine, please let me know, I live in Kyiv, capital city, so maybe helpful for you! You are a very amazing person! I do hope that you will visit all the places and share with us your stories!

    1. Thank you Ann! Some goals are harder than others, but I really hope to achieve them all – and I’ll definitely be sharing stories from everyone of them!
      And thanks for the offer on Ukraine!! I’ll definitely be visiting your beautiful country sooner rather than later and would love to meet up with you! 😃👌

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