For the past year, I’ve become more and more fascinated by the sun. After experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse on Faroe Islands in March this year, I’ve really gotten to understand and appreciate how important the sun is to the life on Earth. Imagine a day without sunlight! It’s the most depressing thing that I can imagine – but thankfully, we still have millions of years left with our beautiful sun.

I’ve always cherished sunsets and I’ve watched them all around the world, but because I’m lazy in the mornings and love to sleep in, I haven’t seen as many sunrises as I would’ve liked. While I still love a good sunset, sunrises have recently become one of my favourite natural phenomenons to watch, so I will just have to get up early more often.

On the glorious morning of October 26th, my Australian friend Bethann, who stayed with my family and I for four days, and I went on a day trip to the small island of Tunø located in the Kattegat Sea, and watched the most breathtaking sunrise from the ferry. The ferry left the harbour in Hov just 15 minutes before sunrise, so we got to see the whole event. The ferry that was on its way to the bigger island of Samsø had left just before our ferry, and it made for some great photos!

Watching the sunrise was the perfect way to start a beautiful day and the event was just too stunning to not share on the blog!













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  1. Så smukt!!! <3 Jeg husker en morgen for små to år siden, hvor vi tog ned på Aarhus Ø for at se solopgangen med vores venner. Det var simpelthen så magisk! Nogle gange kan man godt ærge sig over, at man ikke er bedre til at komme ud af sengen om morgenen for at se solen stå op… men når man så gør det og vejret er helt perfekt, så er det virkelig en af de bedste måder at starte dagen på 🙂

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