Right now, I’m sitting on a ferry that will take me to Sjælland, where a bus is waiting to drive me to the airport in Copenhagen. I’ve embarked on my next big travel adventure; Beijing for a day and then Australia for 4 weeks! I’m excited to see what awaits me Down Under and I know that I’m in for a total culture shock in Beijing.

I’ve been planning this trip for several months and although the itinerary has been changed quite dramatically, it feels right the way it is now.

My first stop is Beijing, the capital of China. I’ll get a small taste of China before going back there in April to explore more of the country! I only have 13 hours to see the city, so my plan is to take taxis to most of the sights, as the sights are quite far away from each other and the taxis are cheap. My flight to Australia departs at 1 AM the following day, so I won’t have to get accommodation in Beijing.

My first stop in Australia is the city of Melbourne, where I’ll be staying for four days with a friend of my friend Katrine, who is also there with her friend Annemie (yeah, a lot of friends lol!). My friend Bethann, who is from Melbourne, has given me lots of advice on what to see in the city and I can’t wait to explore it with Katrine and Annemie!

From Melbourne, I’m flying to Adelaide, where I’m staying for three days. Here I’ll be couchsurfing for the first time (well, apart from that one time on Svalbard, where I had to pay for it….) and I’m excited to meet my host, who seems really lovely! I’ll be spending two days sightseeing in Adelaide, but on my second day there, I’m going on a (really expensive) day trip to Kangaroo Island!! It’ll be great spending a day away from the city and hopefully I’ll get to see cute animals like kangaroos, seals and koalas!

Next stop is the city of Sydney! I don’t think it would be right to go to Australia without visiting the city that everyone mistakes for the capital. I’ll have six days to explore Sydney (and hopefully the Blue Mountains), but one of those days will be spent on a day trip to the actual capital, Canberra. In Sydney, I’ll also be couchsurfing, this time with two guys who seem really nice!

From Sydney, I’ll be flying to Hamilton Island, a small island located in the Great Barrier Reef close to Airlie Beach. I haven’t got my itinerary sorted completely for the islands and the reef, but I have five days in the area and my plan is to stay a few nights in Airlie Beach, visit Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach and definitely go snorkeling in the reef! I’ve brought my waterproof camera, so I’m hoping to get some awesome pictures!

The next and final destination in Australia is Brisbane, where I’ll be staying for a full week. My friends Elien and Liam, who I met on the ferry to Faroe Islands, are living with Liam’s parents in Brisbane at the moment and they have invited me to stay with them! I also have another friend, Desirée, who is living in Brisbane at the moment, and I’m excited to meet up with her as well! I can’t wait to explore the city and the surroundings areas (Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast!!) with my lovely friends! At the end of the week, I’ll be attending Sharkiecon, which was actually my main reason for going to Australia this November!

But before all of this can happen, I first have to get to the airport, fly to Frankfurt and then fly to Beijing. But then the fun begins! I have 11 flights in all (in a month!) and I’m not terrified of flying, but I do get nervous. I’m sure it will all be worth it though.

I plan on updating the blog frequently while I’m gone, but if you want daily updates, head over to my Twitter or Instagram accounts. Remember to also follow me on Facebook for the latest updates on the blog!

See you in China!

Leaving Aarhus behind

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  1. Breathtaking and exciting plan, I feel so happy for you, dear Mel! I will follow all your posts and your facebook and looking forward to seeing pictures! Have a very exciting and wonderful trip! Take care and safe journey! Cross my fingers for good luck!

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