The second part of my favourite domestic flight in Australia was the most beautiful landing over the Whitsunday Islands, ending at Hamilton Island Airport. The first part was flying from Sydney, which was gorgeous, but flying into the Whitsundays was simply breathtaking. I’ve seen quite a few beautiful landings in my short lifetime, but none have been anywhere near as stunning as this one!

From the moment we reached the Whitsunday Coast and got beneath the clouds, my jaw dropped and my eyes would not stop staring out the window. The sight that met me was a crystal blue ocean with beautiful tropical islands scattered about everywhere. This was the one time in my life that I became envious of the stewardesses and pilots aboard the plane. Imagine flying into this view every day!

I had heard about the expensive scenic flights that are available at the Whitsundays, but I never thought that flying into the airport would give me almost the same experience. I’m really glad that I decided to fly around Australia, I’ve had some beautiful views because of it!

My favourite part of the landing was when we got to view the famous Hill Inlet, where the white sand and the blue hues of the inlet blend together as the tide shifts and create the beautiful mosaic that is pictured below (6th from the top). When flying into Hamilton Island, you have to be lucky to actually see it like that, as the mosaic pattern depends solely on the tide. I got lucky that day!

Instead of taking the bus to Airlie Beach, which is the option most travellers choose, I would recommend spending the extra money on a flight – not to Proserpine Airport, but to Hamilton Island. I flew out from Proserpine and it wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful. You definitely need to fly to or from Hamilton and get yourself a window seat!

If you aren’t convinced by now, I’ll let the photos speak and hopefully win you over:














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