Ever since Euro Sharkiecon in September 2014 on Mallorca, I’ve been looking forward to this years event with my favourite clothing company, Black Milk Clothing. Since there were no events in Europe this year, I decided to make the trip to Australia for their birthday party on December 5th.

I flew to Australia on November 10th and travelled the country up until December 5th, which was my last full day in Australia – and the day of Black Milk’s birthday party.

This was my main reason for going to Australia in the first place; The one thing that made me spend over 20.000 DKK on a trip to the other side of the Earth; The thing that I had been looking forward to for so long. It was happening now and I was SO excited!

Is it crazy to go all the way to Australia for a clothing event? People tell me that I’m crazy. Am I crazy? Maybe I am. When people ask me what the Black Milk community is, I tell them that it’s a cult. Because it is, sort of. But nothing creepy goes on, we simply dress in beautiful nylon clothes, party with each other and the Emperor (the designer, James Lillis) and bond over our shared love for nylon.

The event started early in the morning with a sample sale, where all the samples cost 35 AUD (some of the things I bought would normally cost 150 AUD) or 10 AUD for smaller items. I got there early, but there was a huge queue already. Even before getting to the sale, I knew I was standing in the right spot – colourful people in colourful clothing were standing in one big line on Commercial Road in Brisbane. You should’ve seen how people stared from their cars as they drove past us!

We waited for over an hour and then we were finally let it. It was crazy. It reminded me of the scene in Mean Girls, where all the girls attack each other. But this time, we were attacking the clothes, and thankfully not each other. I ended up buying 14 beautiful pieces, most of which became Christmas presents from my parents and grandmother. I spent over 500 AUD, but I had never felt so good before. I love all of my new clothes; I’m actually wearing one of my new Galaxy items right now.

While I was trying on a dress, James came up to me and recognized me from last year in Mallorca! That was such a great moment. I think I was the only one from Europe, and he seemed impressed that I had come all the way from Denmark to Australia for their birthday party!

After the sample sale, we all went up to the Concept Store, where I bought another piece for full price (90 AUD). Here, James gave me a private tour of the factory as a thanks for coming all the way from Denmark. It was amazing and I got to see how they manufacture the beautiful clothes.

Afterwards, he introduced me to their new photographer, Dane (such an awesome name!), who is half Danish and half Australian, and we had a good talk about Denmark and his Danish roots. We became friends and he gave me a lift to the birthday party, which started at 1 PM. The party was held at Soleil Pool Bar, where the Emperor himself and some of the other lovely staff joined us Sharkies for a fun afternoon with free drinks, snacks and fun activities!

Untitled 1

James talked about Sharkiecon (a full weekend of Black Milk partying!) next year, which will most likely be held in Brisbane, Las Vegas AND Greece! I’ll definitely try to make it to Greece, that’s the least I can do! This may become a tradition for me, much like chasing Solar Eclipses has become.

The event was amazing and it was worth all the money spent on tickets to Australia – mainly because I also got to experience the beautiful and diverse country that Black Milk calls its home.

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