2015 has been a year full of travel and for me, there was just no other way to end it and start the new year of 2016 than in another country. One of the best friends that I’ve made this year is Bethann, who I met in Poland in September, and she decided to travel to Dublin for New Years, so I joined her. What better way to spend New Years than in a new and exciting city with a great friend by your side?

My flight was scheduled to arrive in Dublin at 20.15, but it was delayed, which meant that I didn’t get there until 20.45. I then had to catch a bus to the city center and find my hostel to check in. I finally made it there at about 21.30 and saw Bethann for the first time in two months! I got ready rather quickly (I think I did anyways, but girls will be girls) and then we headed to the Temple Bar area, which is the most happening area in Dublin.
By then, it was 22.00, so we had a few hours to get some drinks before 2015 became 2016. When there was 30 minutes to go, we headed to a beautiful bridge over the River Liffey, which we figured would be a great place to watch the fireworks. 12 o’clock came, but there were no fireworks anywhere. We waited a bit longer, but soon realized that it just wasn’t going to happen. We were told that fireworks are illegal in Ireland, which we really didn’t know. In Denmark, the sky is always covered in fireworks, no matter where you go.
But fireworks aren’t the most important thing about New Years to me – it’s all about having a blast with some great people and starting the New Year off with a bang. And that we did. We found a bar to hang out in at the Temple Bar area and had great fun!
New Years in Dublin was – as the Irish would say – grand, everyone was in a great mood and the bars were legendary. Despite there not being any fireworks at midnight, Dublin is a great place to spend New Years!
I’ve made a montage of some crappy Iphone pictures that I took on the evening – excuse the bad quality and enjoy!

I hope you had a great evening and I wish you a very happy new year 2016.

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