In the beginning of January, I had some days with no work and some early birthday money from my parents that I decided to spend on creating new travel memories. Due to cheap flights, cheap living and recommendations from a friend, I chose to go to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, for nine days. A decision that I would not regret, because the city is nothing short of amazing.

Before I arrived in Budapest, I didn’t have any idea of how the city was. I had heard good things about it, but didn’t realize just how magical it really is. On the day of my arrival, I met a friend at the hostel and we walked up to the old Citadel on Gellért Hill and afterwards, to the medieval Buda Castle on Castle Hill, a World Heritage Site.  We saw children tobogganing down snow-covered hills and enjoyed panoramic views of the Danube River and central Budapest. That afternoon, it was snowing heavily, creating the most magical atmosphere.

Forget Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. This is Budapest; one of the few cities in Europe that has blown me away and surprised me big time. Below are my favourite pictures from my first day in Budapest – a perfect start to a beautiful adventure in a new city. Now sit back, relax and join me in Winter Wonderland!










Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more pictures and stories from my beautiful adventures in Hungary and Slovakia, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Magical Winter in Budapest”

  1. Love it and what a coincidence, I have been to Budapest at New Year, so not so long time ago! I adore Hungary, since there lives one of my dearest friends! Cool pictures, when I have been there, it was without snow yet!

      1. Actually, it was great, we were in one of the local restaurants where they served local food, which is a bit spicy for me, but it’s great experience! Also, there was typical Hungarian music and dancing! Pretty cool!

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