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The weather was treating us well that day. It was sunny with a bright blue sky and birds singing beautifully above us. Still, there was something dark and mysterious about the house that we had seen across the water several times that day in Trakai. An enormous mansion located at the banks of a lake with a view of the famous island castle. It sounds perfectly idyllic, doesn't it?

It really could be my dream house, I thought to myself. But why did I get such a chilling feeling when I looked at it?

We entered the property on Žemaitės gatvė 1 through a gate with a sign saying "don't panic". Enough to make you panic. We knew that we weren't supposed to be there, but our adventurous hearts told us differently. We had to inspect it. We couldn't help wondering why no one was living in this mansion. Why had it been boarded up and just left to decay? The location is perfect, beautiful and isolated from the rest of the world. Still, no one had wanted to live there, clearly.

It was like something supernatural had taken over the mansion and scared the owners off. My mum and I are both certain that there is otherworldly activity going on in there and when we got back to our hotel, we checked all of the pictures to see if we could find ghosts in the windows and from what we can see, we did. It might just be our imaginations and the fact that we want to see something, but I actually do believe that this mansion is haunted.

This is an abandoned mansion that has been slowly overtaken by nature. There is something eerie yet strangely striking about this mansion. We want to know more about it, about the history, about the owners and about why the building was abandoned, but there is no information to be found anywhere. There has to be a reason behind this and I won't settle until I know why.

What do you think? Are we just crazy or is this house really haunted?


8 thoughts on “The Haunted House of Trakai”

  1. Hahaha! Good one. Don’t panic!
    The only thing I know is that it could be haunted.
    I myself recently visited a house like that and I felt the same with you. Strange is that I filmed the place and, at least at the time I stayed there, it was a silence like in a grave. When I saw the video there was a strange music on it.
    Strange, right?

  2. Well, it looks as a very mysterious house, indeed! I don’t know the reason you cannot find information. don’t know whether there are ghosts or not, but who knows! There is no proven facts, so our imagination can play tricks with us!

    1. Yeah it’s so crazy! We were certain that there would be some information on the internet, but there was nothing apart from another photographer, who had taken a picture of it and called it “the haunted house of Trakai”. So mysterious!

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