Whenever I travel to a new country, I always make sure to check out its capital and other cool cities. I’m generally a genius at getting myself lost, so I always use a city guide app whenever I go sightseeing. My favourite city guide apps are from GPSmyCity, which provides city walking guides, inspiring articles about the cities from thousands of bloggers (including me!) as well as city maps. GPSmyCity has over 5000 self-guided walks in over 470 cities all around the world, featuring everything from the most famous sights to hidden gems.

The GPSmyCity city guide apps cost $4.99, but for you my dear readers, 20 of you can get them for free. I LIVE AS I DREAM has partnered with GPSmyCity to host a giveaway for 20 promo codes for any city guide app for a city of your choice.

You can read more about the apps and which cities you can chose from on the GPSmyCity website!

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All you have to do to win a free promo code for a GPSmyCity app is to comment on this post with your favourite city! If you would like, you can tell me why this is your favourite city and maybe inspire me to go, but it’s also perfectly fine to just write the name of the city.


  • The giveaway is open until June 30th 2016 at midnight (GMT+2).
  • The promo codes will be given to the first people to comment on this post with their favourite city.
  • The promo codes can be used on both iOS and Android devices.
  • The promo codes are tied to one city app.
  • The app works offline, so all you need to do is download them before you go exploring!
  • I will contact the winners and send the promo codes on email by July 5th, so don’t forget to leave your email address below!
  • Once I’ve sent you the promo code, you have 28 days to use it, but once the app is downloaded, it will never expire.
  • The giveaway is hosted by I LIVE AS I DREAM in partnership with GPSmyCity.

Aaaaand go!

5 thoughts on “Never Get Lost: GPSmyCity App Giveaway”

  1. L’viv, Ukraine. Because I have met several times there with my Fiancée, and I hope, that we will visit this nice city for many times yet.
    L’viv is a wonderful historical city with a beautiful Opera House, nice buildings, great cafes and friendly people!

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