With a big backpack on my back, a smaller one on the front and a ginormous suitcase in my hand, I took off early in the morning on August 24th to catch a bus to my new hometown, Copenhagen. I come from a tiny town in Eastern Jutland and I've lived in the same house in that same town for the past 21 years, apart from when I've been travelling.
But now, after two years of almost non-stop travelling, it's time to settle down and get myself an education. I have always known that I wanted to study prehistoric archaeology, and a year ago, I made the choice to study in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is a 4-hour drive away from my childhood home. Now the time has come, my gap years are over, but the adventures are not.

I can’t believe how fast these past two years have gone. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, having achieved so many of my lifelong dreams. I’ve explored 37 new countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania; seen two total solar eclipses; seen a total lunar eclipse; seen the aurora borealis; seen the midnight sun; seen the cherry blossoms; seen orangutans, snakes, fairy penguins, puffins, CATS, dolphins, kangaroos and other adorable animals; explored the Gobi Desert; experienced a whole new world in Afghanistan; fallen in love with the Faroe Islands; found a passion for hiking; climbed a ton of mountains and so much more. I've met the most amazing people and learned a lot about the world and about myself. I've fallen in love with the world, and I've discovered my biggest passion in life; to explore, explore and explore!

Despite me going to university, my explorations are not going to stop here. Prehistoric archaeology is a course that involves a lot of travelling in itself, mostly in Denmark and the other Nordic countries. A few trips are already being arranged right now for the near future, which is very exciting! And then there's all the school holidays, including a summer break which is several months long, where I'll get to see some more of the world, to feed my travel-hungry heart.

To celebrate my two amazing gap years, I've created a new page with an image list of all the most epic experiences from these past two years. I can't wait to add more to the list in the future! Thank you for coming with me on my adventures, I hope I've inspired you to seek your own!


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