In August 2016, Katrine and I went on our first trip to the Faroe Islands together. I had been there four times before, so I was excited to finally share my love for the islands with a good friend. Just as I had expected, Katrine fell in love with the islands as well. When the trip was over, we both knew that we had to go again. We’re so similar in the way that we travel and explore, and the Faroe Islands seems like the perfect place for us to share adventures.

We had originally planned to spend New Years 2016/17 on the Faroe Islands, but due to early January exams, we had to postpone the trip. Instead, we chose to book tickets for the Easter Holiday 2017, and the day of our departure has now finally come. We’re leaving tomorrow morning for our second visit together and my 6th visit to my favourite country, the incredible Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

We’re staying in Hoyvík with our friend Poul, who we met there in August. Unlike last time, we haven’t planned a day-to-day itinerary, but plan on simply seeing what adventures the day brings us. We do have some places that we hope to visit (and revisit) though, including the island of Hestur, where Poul’s family has a house; the beautiful village of Gjógv; Slætteratindur, the highest mountain in the country; the famous Lake Leitisvatn and the nearby majestic cliffs of Trælanípa; and the islands of Fugloy and Svínoy, which are so remote that getting to them still hasn’t been possible for me!
There are also plenty of other things that we hope to do. We want to visit Rigmor, Jens and their family in Vestmanna; we want to visit Ása and Erling in Tórshavn; we want to meet up with my Instagram-friends Sheena and Michelle from; we want to party the night away at Glitnir in the center of Tórshavn; we want to buy more Faroese knits; and we want to go hiking! No trip to the Faroe Islands is complete without at least one good hike! I’m also extremely excited to practise my Faroese that I’ve been learning here in Copenhagen since October.

Unfortunately, I have to cut the trip short because of my new job, so I’m only going for 10 days instead of the planned 13, but Katrine will stay for 13 days. I’m sure that the trip will still be just as amazing, and I’m actually really excited to go to the Faroe Islands without any set plans for once!

Next time I write a post, I’ll be in the place that I belong – see you there!

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6 thoughts on “Easter Holiday: Back to the Faroe Islands”

  1. so you went back there so quickly 🙂 i am sure it was way greener than back in January when i went there. it was so windy and snowy that i was rather surprised that the buildings were still standing

    1. Haha yeah, sometimes the weather in the Faroes can be REALLY harsh! Trust me, I know after getting my tent ruined twice in storms on the Faroe Islands 😛 It was surprisingly green in april, as it’s usually more brown in spring, so that was great. Hopefully you’ll be able to go back during the spring, summer og autumn where the weather is better and the days are longer! 🙂

      1. I will definitely go back. Probably trough Iceland again.

        I’m a big fan of good quality photography and so i am paying my tribute to you haha. You should travel to South/Latin America. Plenty of colour.

        1. I’m so glad to hear that 😉
          Hehe thank you, that’s so nice of you! I would LOVE to travel to South/Latin America, it’s on my list for the total solar eclipses of 2019 and 2020 😉

  2. I am so happy for you, dear Mel, you will go to the place where you are happy and I can feel it through your words! Enjoy the time, in my mind I am with you! Hugs!

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