Katrine and I have been planning our second trip to the Faroe Islands for a while now. We were going to leave in the morning of April 6th and arrive two hours later. But for some foggy reason, the weather gods didn’t want that to happen.

We set off at 10.15 AM from Copenhagen in brilliant weather with a clear sky and a brightly shining sun. Despite the weather reports from the Faroe Islands, I was optimistic and looking forward to finally getting to my favourite place on Planet Earth.

The flight went well, I read a bit and Katrine listened to music. Two hours later, I still hadn’t noticed the thick clouds beneath us. We had been circulating above Vágar Airport for half an hour, when the captain said these words over the loudspeakers: “We are going to give it one attempt to land in Vágar, and if we can’t, we have to turn around and return to Denmark”. I felt sick to my stomach. We were right above my islands, but the chance of us being able to land was so tiny. And just as I had feared, the attempt to land didn’t go as everyone hoped, despite the fact that we actually saw a bit of land at one point.

Instead, we turned around and headed back to Denmark, where we’d been just two hours before. I was so devastated, and I felt like all hope of ever getting to the islands was lost.

A little bit of the Faroe Islands peeping out from the cloud covering
A little bit of the Faroe Islands peeping out from beneath the clouds

When we got back to the airport, we were told to go to the transfer center, where we were given tickets for a flight the next day at 12 AM, vouchers for the Radisson hotel on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen and tickets for a taxi to and from the hotel. I was bummed that we had to wait until the next day to try again, but the hotel was a good consolation. We also got free food at the hotel and we stayed at the 24th floor, from where the view of Copenhagen was amazing!

Happy despite everything!
The amazing view from our window!
The amazing view from our window!
Fireworks for the opening of Tivoli!
Fireworks for the opening of Tivoli!

The next morning, we woke up early, got ready, had our free breakfast and then headed to the airport for the second attempt! The flight left Copenhagen at 12 AM and the sky was just as blue and the sunshine just as bright as the day before. This time I was hopeful, but I didn’t count on actually getting there.

Two hours after we had left Copenhagen, we were hovering above Vágar Airport, when the captain said over the loudspeaker that he had high expectations of making it! I was so happy, yet still nervous. We started descending and little bits of land peaked through beneath the clouds. It looked so mysterious and beautiful. I wanted to be there so badly. Shortly after, we flew into a thick cloud and for 15 minutes, I couldn’t see any land beneath us. I was starting to lose faith again. I so wanted to just land and set foot in the foggy country, so I let out a sigh of relief, when I saw Lake Leitisvatn appear. Two minutes later, we finally landed in Vágar Airport and everyone clapped!

Hello my beautiful islands!
Hello my beautiful islands!


The best sight ever of Lake Leitisvatn!
The best sight ever of Lake Leitisvatn!

Finally we could set foot on the Faroe Islands! I was so overly thrilled to finally be back. I can’t even describe the feeling that I get when I see the Faroe Islands for the first time in a long time! It just feels like home to me.

Finally there!
Finally there!

Shortly after we arrived, we were picked up by Poul, who we are staying with for the first few days. Then we drove out into the Faroese nature through the island of Vágar to Streymoy and down to Hoyvík, where he lives. Katrine and I got an entire apartment for ourselves, which is such a typical Faroese thing. They all have enormous houses and they are all extremely hospitable. It’s a really nice place and it’s located in the center of Hoyvík, right near a beautiful park area with lakes, streams and mountain biking tracks!

Driving through the beautiful Faroe Islands



Arriving in Tórshavn!
And then Hoyvík!
The view from our road!

We went for a walk in the nearby park shortly after arriving. It was so nice to finally be out in the fresh air and the beautiful Faroese nature that I had missed so much. Afterwards, we had a lovely first dinner with Poul’s family!

The park near Poul’s house





Dinner at Poul's
Dinner at Poul’s house!

Since it was Friday, we couldn’t NOT go out. Tórshavn has one of the best nightlife scenes that I’ve ever experienced, so every chance to go has to be taken advantage of. We went to play a fun board came called Avalon with some of Poul’s friends, and then afterwards headed to Glitnir down by the harbour, the best club in town according to Katrine and I!

The best beer in the world!
Avalon! Guess who lost five times in a row? 😉

Our stay on the Faroe Islands started with a bang. It was good to see everyone again and to party Faroese style with plenty of karaoke and Föroyar Björ! Now we were ready for 9 days full of adventures on my beloved islands!

4 thoughts on “A Flight Mishap: Attempting to Get to the Faroe Islands in Thick Fog”

  1. Finally, you Did it, I am happy for you, this place looks stunning and so welcoming. I can understand why you feel yourself there like at home 🏠…

  2. Glad you made it back! I left the Faroes two days prior to your arrival and the weather was horrendous that day… so bad that my plane was struck by lightning on the way in and left us stranded at Vagar for a few hours 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

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