On one of our last days in the Faroe Islands in April, Katrine, Poul and I decided to spend a sunny day driving to beautiful spots on Streymoy. One of these was an insta-famous spot on the Oyggjarvegur mountain road with an iconic view of Koltur and the holm Trøllhøvdi, which almost looks like a mini-version of Koltur, framed in by the mountains surrounding the tiny village of Norðradalur.

I had tried to see that specific view twice before, when I travelled with my family to the Faroe Islands and Iceland on a Viking Cruise back in October, but the fog made it impossible to see.

This time was different. It was sunny, the sky was blue and it was even quite warm. Warm enough to not wear a jacket, which happens very rarely in the Faroe Islands!

That day, I finally got to see the view! I finally crossed the last insta-famous spot on the Faroe Islands off the list – and yes, I have also posted that iconic photo on my Instagram 😉

Driving along Oyggjarvegur




Aaaaand the view!
Aaaaand the view!


Instead of driving back home to Hoyvík, we decided to continue down the narrow road to Norðradalur, a tiny village with only 15 inhabitants. The village lies in a large valley surrounded by steep mountains that create the iconic frame around Koltur and Trøllhøvdi in the horizon. Norðradalur is quite isolated despite the short distance to Tórshavn, as there aren’t many other villages located on the west coast of Streymoy, so there are no nearby neighbour villages.

One thing that we just couldn’t miss while in Norðradalur, was its impressive columnar basalt wall. This wall is used as the main climbing spot for the growing climbing community in the Faroe Islands, and it was just as impressive as it sounds. I would love to climb down that cliff one day!




A view to the even tinier village of Syðradalur






The impressive columnar basalt cliff!

I finally got to see the view that I’ve been dreaming about for so long, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Also, it was great to explore Norðradalur as well, as that was one village I hadn’t yet set foot in in the country. There aren’t many left that I haven’t explored, but I aim to explore them all!

The last days in the Faroe Islands were spent hanging out with Poul and his family and friends in Hoyvík, before we headed back home to our everyday lives in Denmark. Another beautiful trip to the Faroe Islands was over, but I’m certain it won’t be the last!

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