Third semester at uni has just begun, and it’s all very exciting, but I’m already feeling the need for travel. As much as I love archaeology, I simply don’t function without travel. So whenever I have the chance, I grab it – and I’m off to somewhere new or somewhere old and treasured.

I’ve done it my two previous semesters. During the first semester, I went to Faroe Islands, Iceland and Germany, as well as new places in Denmark. In between the first and second semester I spent 18 days in Iran. During the second semester, I travelled to Sweden twice, Romania, Albania, Norway, Faroe Islands. And this summer, I went to Bornholm, Holland, Luxembourg, Canada and the USA. I simply don’t stop, I can’t stop.

And this semester will be no different.

I already have amazing things planned for the next couple of months. In a few weeks, I’ll be off to Belarus, my 60th country! I’ve always been curious about Belarus, as it’s one of those places you never hear of anyone going to – but why? Well, a good guess is because of the visa situation. Usually it’s quite hard to get into Belarus, but recently they’ve changed their visa policy and are now letting people from 80 countries (including all EU countries) travel there visa-free for 5 days, including the day of flight into Minsk National Airport and the flight out. So basically, you get three full days in the country for free. I have a couple of days at work during the week-long autumn break, so five days was perfect for me.

I’m leaving on October 17th and will be back in Denmark again on October 21st. During my 4-night stay, I’ll be based in Minsk, but plan on taking some trips out to UNESCO sights and beautiful nature spots around the country! I love exploring the unknown, and Belarus is just that. I have no idea what to expect, but I know that it will be beautiful once I discover it.

© Viktar Malyshchyts/
Mir Castle Complex in Belarus, A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: Viktar Malyshchyts/

November. Another month, another country. This time it’s not a new one though, in fact it’s a very well known one for me – and for you, if you’ve been following this blog for long enough. The country that I’m talking about is the Faroe Islands, the home of my heart, my favourite place on Planet Earth.

My friend Solveig is staying with one of my Faroese families for an entire month, and do I really need any other excuse to visit my favourite country? I think not! I made it work with uni, so I’m able to go “home” for two weeks! It’ll be my 7th visit to this geological wonder of the North Atlantic Ocean, and I can’t wait to discover more hidden secrets at the edge of the world with Solveig!

From my hike back in April to the top of Ritubergsnøva

My family has this tradition where we go to Germany every year during Christmas time to see one of their beautiful Christmas markets. We go somewhere new every year, and this year the time has come for Kiel. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my family that I see much too rarely.

Christmas market in Kiel, Germany. Photo:
Christmas market in Kiel, Germany.

On December 18th-20th, there’s a conference on archaeological theory in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. My friend Amanda and I saw this as a golden opportunity to learn something new, mingle with other archaeologists and of course to explore the country of Wales, my 61st country!

We’ll arrive on December 15th, explore the country for a few days before the conference (please, December be kind, so we can go hiking!), and then we’re off to England to visit my family in Thetford, who I haven’t seen in over two years! I can’t wait to see them all again and for them to meet Amanda. It will also be fun to show her around the place that half of me comes from!

Hiking in Wales at sunrise. Photo:
Hiking in Wales at sunrise.

So with three big trips and the Christmas trip to Germany coming up during this semester, I don’t think I’ll have time to do many other smaller trips, but I know myself well enough for that to not be true. I would love to explore Sweden and Norway some more (I never get tired of those two gems of countries), and I also want to explore more of Zealand while I’m living here in Copenhagen.

In January, I have at least a week off after my exams and before the fourth semester starts, so I’ll without a doubt be jetting off again then. The question is to where? All suggestions are very welcome!

Are you going somewhere exciting in the next couple of months?

10 thoughts on “Third Semester Travels: Much More of Europe”

  1. So many awesome upcoming travels! 😀 I adore the Faroe Islands, such a stunning and “cosy” place.

    I’m also heading to Belarus before Christmas, after my failed attempt 1,5 years ago. Crossing my fingers that all will be well with the new visa situation. But before that I’m off to Azerbaijan and Iran (in about a month). Can’t wait!

    Last January I visited the region Andalusia in southern Spain for a week. If you haven’t been there, it’s a wonderful place to travel around that time of year. If you want to travel a little bit further then Israel and/or Jordan are also great destinations to visit in January. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Your plans sound amazing too!! I love the fact that we’re both going to Belarus, and I really hope it will work out for you this time! Iran I know you’ll love and I’m super jealous of Azerbaijan – I’ve been wanting to go there forever 😛 maybe I will next year!
      I’ve been to Spain a few times, but never Andalusia. I definitely plan on exploring some more of Southern Europe in general. I would also love to visit Israel and Jordan! Ahhh, so many places to be explored! Maybe one of those will be my choice for January – if I get fed up with the visa process for Azerbaijan!
      And btw, I just stalked your blog – and I’m so totally impressed! You’ve been to so many amazing countries! You are certainly living the dream! 🙂

  2. Wow, great plans, dear Mel, I admire your love to traveling and fantastic Faroe islands. You will find something new there always. I’m very happy for you and your travel plans. Have fun 😊!

      1. Well, I am always happy to find any chance to travel, but this period is a bit busy for me, most porbably I can let myself to travel only before Christmas. I confess I wanted to visit Danmark this year in autumn, but, unfortunately (very much), due to unexpected circumstances I am not able to, however, I do not give up and hope to visit Danmark next year maybe in Spring. Also, i would like to visit Switzerland, Norway or Island, I am dreaming about their beautiful nature.

        1. Christmas travels are always nice! Where will you go? 😀 Ohh that would have been lovely to have you here in Denmark! If you come to Denmark, please let me know! I would love to show you around 😀
          You would love those three countries, they are amazing!! And don’t forget about Faroe Islands 😛

          1. Sure, Mel, I will let you know, I rely on you as my private guide! I am dreaming about Faroe Islands and believe that I am going to visit this amazing place one day! Thank you, Mel!

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