2017 has been another great travel year for me, although I haven’t visited nearly as many countries as last year. I’ve been studying full-time and working part-time, but I’ve still had time to visit 14 countries, 7 of them new ones, on over 16 different trips. I love to take pictures and I take waaaay too many on every trip, so finding my favourites has been really hard.

But here they are; my favourite travel photos of 2017, representing each of the 16 trips that I took this year plus a picture from my explorations of my home country of Denmark!

Standing on top of Kharanaq, Iran

There really is no place like Kharanaq, an abandoned village built of mudbrick over 4,000 years ago. Just like there’s no place like Iran as a whole.

Also, can you see my friend Steve standing on top of one of the roofs enjoying the immensely beautiful view? What I would give to stand there right now.

Cathedral of Lund, Sweden

Two friends and I took a trip to the medieval city of Lund in South Sweden in February, and while I loved everything about the city, there’s nothing that beats the iconic cathedral, especially surrounded by snow.

Inside Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Speaking of iconic places, Bran Castle is definitely a place not to miss while in Romania. If Dracula ever wants to sell this place, I’m all in!

High above Berat, Albania

I spent a lot of my time in Albania hiking, and my favourite place to do that was Berat, an old Ottoman-styled village that looks even more gorgeous from above.

Sailing into the Oslo Fjord, Norway

Oslo is one of my favourite cities in Europe, so when my friend Lula invited me to go back there, I didn’t hesitate. Along with our other friend Amanda, we took a two-day cruise to the city, and my favourite part of the trip was sailing into the Oslo Fjord, which is dotted with tiny idyllic islands.

At the top of Ritubergsnøva Mountain, Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands, my heart beats for you. When Katrine and I visited the popular Lake Leitisvatn in April, I decided to take the views to the next level by climbing up the Ritubergsnøva Mountain – and this is the incredible view that I was awarded with.

The Turning Torso of Malmö, Sweden

The Turning Torso tower of Malmö is quite the sight, especially seen from the beach, where it looks even more overdimensionised!

Moonlight over Almindingen on Bornholm, Denmark

Oh, Bornholm. Three weeks were spent on the island this summer. The days were spent digging up the past, and the evenings and weekends were spent exploring the beautiful island. One evening, I found myself on top of the tower Rytterknægten in the middle of Almindingen, Bornholm’s largest forest, staring out at the vast forest and fields below the full moon.

Flowery canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is definitely one of the more “typical” photos that you’ll find of Amsterdam, but it doesn’t take away my excitement for it. I loved the vibrant colours of the city.

Picture-perfect Vianden, Luxembourg

This picture perfectly represents the beautiful mountain village of Vianden, one of the prettiest places I visited this year.

Toronto from across the lake, Canada

Only eight hours were spent in Toronto, but Amanda and I got to visit some pretty spectacular places, such as Toronto Islands, where this photo was taken.

Sunset over Grand Canyon, United States

Nothing could ever describe the majesticness of the Grand Canyon, but I think that this photo does a pretty good job at trying.

Grand Canyon was hands down the most beautiful place I visited in 2017.

Autumn vibes in Mir, Belarus

Belarus was everything that this photo shows. Castles, autumn colours and pure natural beauty. Needless to say, Belarus blew me away.

The first snow fall of the year, Faroe Islands

It’s always super hard choosing a favourite photo from the Faroe Islands, because everywhere in the country is just so beautiful. But when the first snow fell during a walk that Solveig and I took to the village of Skælingur, these sheep were standing on the cliffs below us, peacefully embracing the incoming white drops. Thank you, sheep.

This picture perfectly represents the November trip to my paradise.

Christmas market in Kiel, Germany

A bit of a mess-up at our hotel in Kiel got us relocated to a room at a higher floor, giving us the perfect view of the atmospheric Christmas market.

The ridge of Pen-y-Fan Mountain, Wales

Unfortunately, I don’t have many great photos from Brecon Beacons National Park, as it was cloudy and wet all day. But this photo is special, because it was our first sight of the peak of Pen-y-Fan Mountain, the highest mountain in South Wales, after struggling all the way to the top in SNEAKERS (ooops!).

Village church of flint, England

If there’s something I love about Norfolk (apart from my family, ofc), it’s all the quaint flint churches. I finished off the travel year in Thetford, visiting my mum’s side of the family just before Christmas.


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