My fourth semester at uni is just around the corner, and of course this semester will be full of exciting trips, as I just can’t stand being in the same place for too long!

Last semester, I went on a five-day trip all around Belarus, spent most of November in the snow on the Faroe Islands, went on a Christmas market trip to Germany, attended an archaeological conference in Wales and visited family in England.

This semester is going to be even more travel crazy!

To the former USSR: Moscow and Azerbaijan, January

I’m actually on this trip right now! It’s my first of two trips in between exams and the new semester.

I started off by going to Moscow on a 21-hour stopover, where I explored so much that I could’ve sworn my feet were going to fall off. I loved Moscow, and it was a brilliant way to start my explorations of Russia, which I know will continue over the next many years (think camping in the Siberian wilderness, cruising to St Petersburg, riding the Transsiberian Express, spending winter in Yakutsk, the coldest city on Earth etc.).

Then I flew to Azerbaijan, where I’m now located. I’ve explored some of Baku and today, I headed up north to a mountain village called Sheki. I’m going to stay here for a few days and then head back to Baku for more city explorations and to visit the Gobustan National Park with ancient petroglyphs and mud volcanos!

Weekend trip to Macedonia, February

Two days after coming home from Azerbaijan, I’m off again, this time on a weekend trip to Macedonia! I found extremely cheap tickets flying from Malmø Airport, so I couldn’t resist.

I’ll arrive in the morning and spend that day exploring Skopje, before venturing into the countryside of Macedonia on my second and last day. I haven’t decided where to go yet, so if you have some great tips, hit me up! I’m thinking mountains, hiking and wildlife!

The yearly trip with my mum to Croatia and Slovenia, March

I’ve been to Croatia and Slovenia once before, when my family and I went on a roadtrip through Central Europe in the summer of 2013. In Croatia, we stayed in the Pula region for a week, and Slovenia we actually only drove through, so that doesn’t really count.

My mum and I are going back to see more of the region for our yearly mother/daughter trip. We’ll fly into Zagreb and stay there for a night, before going to Slovenia, where we want to explore the old streets of Ljubljana and see some of Slovenias famously beautiful lakes!

My 8th visit to the Faroe Islands, March/April

My friend Andras has invited me back to the islands to stay with him and his family (including FIVE DOGS!!!) for the Easter holiday! Even though I actually originally had plans to go to Scotland, I couldn’t turn down an offer like that.

My friend Katrine and her boyfriend will also be there, so I’m excited for some fun in Tórshavn by night and extensive hiking around the islands by day!

Conference and roadtrip in Iceland, April

This trip is still a maybe, as I may not be able to afford it, but I’m going to try my hardest.

I want to go to a conference on Medieval archaeology for two days in Reykjavik, and then spend however many days I can get off school and work touring South Iceland, a region of the country that I have abandoned quite a lot during my three prior trips to the country, although this is by far the most popular region with tourists.

I’m going to do it as cheaply as possible, which means sleeping in a rental car and eating from supermarkets (and no Blue Lagoon!). I can’t wait to go back to one of my favourite countries on Earth and explore it some more!

A study trip to Greece, May

Finally the time has come for a field trip with the university, and the choice has fallen on Greece! I’m so excited about this choice, as I love Greece and have wanted to see much more of the country for years.

I’ve been to Crete, Athens, Delphi and Aegina before, and while some of these places will be revisited on the trip, we’re going all around mainland Greece for nine days and also visiting spectacular places such as Meteora, Thessaloniki and Corinth, all of which are on my bucket list!

Summer excavation and explorations in Peru, June/July

When my semester finally comes to an end in June, I’ll be off on a journey of a lifetime to Peru, my first country in South America!!

My little brother will be joining me for the first week or so, where we’re heading to Cuzco and (of course) trekking to Machu Picchu. I also dream of seeing the Rainbow Mountains while we’re there!

Afterwards, my brother will continue his travels around the country and I’ll be volunteering at an archaeological excavation of a pyramid in Lima for two weeks with some other students from uni, which I’m sure will be an awesome experience! In the weekends, our excavation leader has arranged for us to go on some trips around Lima and a day trip to Ica!

While I’m at home in Denmark, I also plan on exploring more of my own country and taking some day trips to Sweden, and I especially have my eyes on the island of Ven, a Swedish island located in the Øresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden.

I can’t wait for an exciting and enriching fourth semester! <3

Where are you off to in the next few months?

2 thoughts on “Fourth Semester Travels: Europe, Asia and South America”

  1. Wow, that is what I call an exciting spring! 😀 I’m glad you liked Azerbaijan, and I’m 100 % sure you’re gonna love Slovenia. After driving around there for little over a week, it because one of my favourite countries in all of Europa. It truly has it all, and it’s beyond stunning! That trip and excavation in Peru also sounds like something made of dreams!

    My only booked travel plans so far this year is a six week long overland tour of South Africa and the surrounding countries. But I’m also planning to revisit Albania and Scotland sometime during the summer/early fall, and hoping to explore the northern parts of Pakistan this fall. Hard to choose where to go sometimes, since there are sooo many exciting places out there!

    1. Azerbaijan was great! I drove through Slovenia once and it was glorious! I’m so excited to actually explore it 😛 I know I’m going to love it. Peru will be amazing, and my first time in South America too! 😀
      Woah, those are some amazing travel plans! Especially Pakistan is a dream destination. I agree that it’s hard to choose!! But it seems like we both prefer the lesser travelled destinations 🙂 have some great trips!

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