Trip duration: 30 days (November 8th-December 7th 2015)

States and territories visited: 5

Route: Denmark - Beijing - Victoria - South Australia - New South Wales - Australian Capital Territory - New South Wales - Queensland (Whitsundays) - Queensland (Brisbane) - Denmark

In the air (1)
Day 1: November 8th 2015 (Copenhagen to Frankfurt to Beijing)

China (1)
Day 2: November 9th 2015 (Beijing)

Victoria (5)
Day 3: November 10th 2015 (Beijing to Melbourne, Ferny Creek)
Day 4: November 11th 2015 (Ferny Creek, Belgrave, Melbourne, St. Kilda)
Day 5: November 12th 2015 (Ferny Creek, Phillip Island)
Day 6: November 13th 2015 (Ferny Creek, Melbourne)
Day 7: November 14th 2015 (Ferny Creek, Ferntree Gully)

South Australia (3)
Day 8: November 15th 2015 (Melbourne to Adelaide, Port Adelaide, Semaphora, Glenelg)
Day 9: November 16th 2015 (Glenelg, Kangaroo Island)
Day 10: November 17th 2015 (Glenelg, Adelaide)

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory (6)
Day 11: November 18th 2015 (Adelaide to Sydney)
Day 12: November 19th 2015 (Sydney)
Day 13: November 20th 2015 (Sydney to Canberra to Sydney)
Day 14: November 21st 2015 (Sydney)
Day 15: November 22nd 2015 (Sydney, Blue Mountains)
Day 16: November 23rd 2015 (Sydney)

Queensland - Whitsundays (5)
Day 17: November 24th 2015 (Sydney to Hamilton Island to Airlie Beach)
Day 18: November 25th 2015 (Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands Cruise)
Day 19: November 26th 2015 (Whitsunday Islands Cruise, Airlie Beach)
Day 20: November 27th 2015 (Airlie Beach)
Day 21: November 28th 2015 (Airlie Beach)

Queensland - Brisbane (7)
Day 22: November 29th 2015 (Airlie Beach to Brisbane, Logan, Cornubia Forest)
Day 23: November 30th 2015 (Logan, Byron Bay)
Day 24: December 1st 2015 (Logan, Springbrook National Park)
Day 25: December 2nd 2015 (Logan, Brisbane)
Day 26: December 3rd 2015 (Logan)
Day 27: December 4th 2015 (Logan, Mt. Cootha)
Day 28: December 5th 2015 (Logan, Brisbane)

In the air (1)
Day 29: December 6th 2015 (Brisbane to Melbourne to Beijing)

Denmark (1)
Day 30: December 7th 2015 (Beijing to Frankfurt to Copenhagen)

Hiking in the Blue Mountains
Hiking in the Blue Mountains

Untitled 2

On November 8th 2015, I set off on a month-long journey through the magnificent country of Australia, with a 13-hour stopover in Beijing on the way. The birthday party of Black Milk, my favourite clothing brand, which was being held in Brisbane in early December, was my main reason for booking the trip to Australia. But naturally, the wanderluster that I am couldn't just fly to the other side of the world, attend an event, and then go home. I knew that I had to see some more of the country, so I decided to take as much time off work as I could, which resulted in me spending a month down under. During that month, I saw something new and exciting everyday, and it made me fall in love with Australia, and I've promised myself that this trip was the first of many!


My first 5 days in Australia were spent in the beautiful state of Victoria, which quickly became my favourite state with its lush forests, its cute villages, the best city in Australia and its temperate climate. I stayed with my two friends Katrine and Annemie in Katrine's friend Erik's idyllic farm on a mountain in Ferny Creek. We spent the days together exploring Melbourne, watching fairy penguins in St. Kilda Beach, exploring the hilly landscapes near Ferny Creek, hiking in the forests near Ferny Creek and roadtripping through Phillip Island.

South Australia

Originally, I hadn't planned on going to South Australia, but when I decided to add 10 more days to the itinerary, there was suddenly time for another area of Australia. I chose the city of Adelaide for my base of exploring South Australia for three days. I had a great couchsurfing experience in the beach-side suburb of Glenelg, spent an entire day on Kangaroo Island, one of my favourite places in Australia, where I saw sooo many different animals, including kangaroos, wallabys, koalas, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins and a black swan, and spent a day exploring Adelaide with a new friend.

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory

Sydney, Sydney, Sydney! You can't go to Australia without visiting this megacity, so that's exactly what I decided to do for six days! I had my second couchsurfing experience here, which was also a great time. I spent the days strolling through the ginormous city, hanging out at my secret spot by the ocean, walking along the coastline from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach, hiking the National Pass trail in the Blue Mountains and going on a day trip to Canberra, the capital of Australia, a city that really surprised me in a positive way.

Queensland - Whitsundays

Oh, Whitsundays! This had been a dream destination of mine for quite a while - and snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef was something that I just had to do there! I spent three days partying and relaxing with Katrine and Annemie in Airlie Beach, and the other two days were spent on the ocean, sailing in between the islands, exploring the spectacular Whitehaven Beach, snorkelling amongst thousands of colourful fish and corals in the reef and partying on the ocean at night.

Queensland - Brisbane

My final destination in Australia was Brisbane, home of Black Milk Clothing, the main reason for me to even be in the country. I spent a week in the Brisbane area, where I stayed with my friends Elien and Liam at Liam's parents' house. I had a great week, and Elien and Liam showed me around Brisbane, Byron Bay, Springbrook National Park and other beautiful areas nearby. I experienced a tropical storm and saw snakes, glow worms, lizards and a koala in the wild - that was a crazy experience! On my last day in Australia, I attended the Black Milk birthday party in Brisbane - it was the perfect way to end a perfect month.


Travelling through Australia, although slightly rushed, was an amazing experience. I didn't get to see everything that's on my list for the country, but I covered in quite a bit of the South Coast and East Coast in the short amount of time that I was there. I met some lovely people, made friends for a lifetime and visited old friends. I saw soooo many different native animals, but thankfully no ginormous spiders! I saw the most breathtaking landscapes and went on some beautiful hikes and roadtrips. My heart is hungry for more, and next time I want need to explore Western Australia, the Outback and Tasmania!