Kiel, Germany | December 8th-10th 2017
My family's yearly Christmas trip to Germany is happening in Kiel this year. I haven't been to Kiel before, so I'm exciting to explore its hotspots as well as to dig in at its Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to some family fun and good memories!

Wales and England | December 15th-23rd 2017
Wherever there's an archaeological conference, you'll find me! That's why, on December 18th-20th, you'll find me in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, a country that I haven't yet been too! My friend Amanda and I plan on spending 5 days in the country and then heading to England to visit my family for a few days, before returning to Denmark for Christmas!

Lund, Sweden | January 6th-7th
One of my exams will be over, so taking a little break before the next one sounds like a perfect idea! And when my friend Solveig, who I travelled with on the Faroe Islands in November, invited me to visit her and her friend in Lund, I couldn't say no! Also, there are three cats living there!!! I've been to Lund before, so I don't need to rush around to see everything, but instead we're just going to spend some quality time together, eat good food and maybe go out!

Russia | January 24th
My exams are over and that calls for another trip! On my way to Azerbaijan, I will have a stopover in Moscow for just over 20 hours! If all goes well with the transit visa, I'll go into the city and explore it well. I relize that 20 hours in the world's largest country is nowhere near enough, but I have plans to return to Russia! There's so much more I want to see as well!

Azerbaijan | January 25th-30th
Finally, I'm going to Azerbaijan, my first Caucasus country! I've been wanting to go for a few years now, but always put it off because of the visa situation. BUT, what I didn't realize was that they changed it in January 2017, so many countries, including Denmark, can now go on a 20 USD E-visa! I'm excited to explore this rather unknown country and to discover all of the hidden secrets that mass tourism has not yet found.

Macedonia | February 2nd-4th
The weekend before I start my fourth semester at uni, I've decided to take a weekend trip to Macedonia, as I found flights for just 327 DKK! In all, I'm paying just over 900 DKK for an entire weekend including flights, busses to/from Malmø Airport, hostel and daily budget! I'll only have two days, and plan on spending one in Skopje and then hopefully taking a day trip out to beautiful Ohrid.

Slovenia | February/March 2018
My mum and I have a yearly mother/daughter trip to somewhere in Europe, and in 2018, we have our heart set on the small mountainous country of Slovenia. We want to see some of Slovenia's green lakes, explore the mountains and discover the quaint capital of Ljubljana!

Scotland | March 2018
I've been to Scotland before, in 2004, but that's so long ago and I was so young that I barely remember anything from the trip. I've been wanting to go back forever, and this upcoming Easter holiday I've finally found the time for it! I want to go back and explore new places such as Edinburgh, the highlands, the Isle of Skye and the Shetland Islands!

Iceland | April 2018
Another archaeological conference, another country! There is an exciting conference on the Medieval North in Reykjavik in the middle of April, and Amanda and I are set on going to it! It will be my fourth visit to Iceland, a country that I love exploring by car, so I'm definitely hoping we'll be able to do that too. There's a lot of the South which I have yet to discover!

Field trip | May 2018
I'm going on a field trip with my uni class to somewhere in Europe, and so far our teacher has said that Greece is the most likely option, and it will happen in the beginning of May. I'm excited to be going on a trip with friends and to explore all the archaeological sites of (hopefully) Greece!

Peru | June or July 2018
Now, this is an exciting one! I'm going on an excavation in Peru! How Indiana Jones is THAT? 😉 It's a two-week excavation of a pyramid in Lima, the capital of Peru. In the free time, I'll be exploring the city and the weekends will be spent out and about in the country. I also plan on taking a few weeks before or after the excavation to explore more of Peru - and of course to hike to Machu Picchu! My brother Brandon has always wanted to go to Peru, so hopefully he will join me there!

Sweden and Norway | ?-?
Since I'm now living in Copenhagen, I also have the opportunity to explore more of Sweden and Norway in my free time, which I definitely plan on doing. I've got another cruise to Oslo, a roadtrip through Sweden and Norway and more day trips to Sweden in my mind at the moment!

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

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