USA (Total Solar Eclipse) | August 9th-24th 2017
The next Total Solar Eclipse will be visible in many states in USA on August 21st 2017, and my friend Amanda and I are not quite sure where to watch it yet, but we're leaning towards driving the Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago and then watching the eclipse somewhere in Illinois! Only time and money will tell what our plans end up being!

Ven, Sweden | Autumn 2017
My friend Mads and I have talked about going on a weekend camping trip to the tiny island of Ven in Øresund, a strait which forms the Danish-Swedish border. Ven was Danish until 1658, where it came under Swedish rule and has remained so ever since. We want to experience the quiet Swedish lifestyle and what better way to do that by biking our way through the tiny island and camping at night?

Kiel, Germany | December 8th-10th 2017
My family's yearly Christmas trip to Germany is happening in Kiel this year. I haven't been to Kiel before, so I'm exciting to explore its hotspots as well as to dig in at its Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to some family fun and good memories!

Wales | December 2017
Wherever there's an archaeological conference, you'll find me! That's why, on December 18th-20th, you'll find me in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, a country that I haven't yet been too! My friend Amanda and I plan on spending a while in the country, possibly renting a car and driving through the entire country to see all of its beautiful parts!

Scotland | April 2018
Another archaeological conference, another country! I've been to Scotland before, in 2004, but that's so long ago and I was so young that I barely remember anything from the trip. Now I finally have the chance to go back and to explore new places such as Edinburgh, where the conference is being held, and hopefully also the Isle of Skye and the Shetland Islands!

Faroe Islands | August 2018
I'm planning far ahead here, but there's this summer school in my beloved Faroe Islands that has caught my attention, and I'm definitely going to attend it! It's a three-week course on Faroese language and culture and I'll even receive 10 ECTS points for it! In my free time, I'm going to visit friends and explore new areas. Hopefully this time I'll get to visit the islands of Svínoy and Fugloy, which I have yet to visit! This will be my 7th visit to the islands, but I'll probably also take a trip there before August, because I simply can't wait that long to go "home" ;).

Greenland | September 2018-?
I'm moving to Greenland! Yes, you got it - freaking Greenland!! The land of ice, polar bears, northern lights, midnight sun, dog sledding, polar expeditions etc.! I'm going to study abroad on Greenland for one or two semesters, I haven't quite decided yet. I want to see just about everything on Greenland, so in the weekends and holidays, I'll be jetting off to the far-out corners of the country to visit small and isolated communities and explore beautiful natural wonders!

Gásadalur, Faroe Islands
Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

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